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  1. Crystal

    This is really helpful, thanks! I was wondering about the T money card though. Can we not use KRW at all?

    • ElectRow

      Judging from past festivals and the fact that there are T-Money locations on the Ultra Korea map, we think that this will replace all cash at the event. However, you might be fine with credit/debit cards, but we can’t say 100%. If you don’t have a T-Money card you can buy for cheap all over Korea in convenience stores and subway stations. They should also have them available for purchase at the festival, but you’ll have to wait in line of course. Who knows how long that might be.

  2. Howard Kang

    When it comes to water, do they have water stations or do we have to
    buy it?

    • ElectRow

      While there may be water fountains in the stadium complex (we can’t completely recall and most people would refuse to drink from them anyways), most water is purchased from the vendors. So you’ll probably want to make sure you have some money on your card reserved for that!