1980 Yen Hotel (Tokyo, Japan)

1980 Yen Hotel in Tokyo, Japan

One of the great things about living in Korea is its proximity to other Asian countries like China and Japan.  Affordable airfare and accommodations make Tokyo one of our favorite destinations.  In this feature, we’ll give you the lowdown on where we stayed the last time we made the trip.  Unfortunately, the place is just for the men, so if you are a girl reading this introduction, feel free to skip on to some related articles.  Or, you can read through this feature and pass along the information to your male friends!

If you’ve never been to Tokyo, you may be surprised at how far the airport is from the actual city.  Even though the flight doesn’t take too long from Incheon, your journey to Tokyo isn’t quite over.  You still have to hop on a train and ride that for a little over an hour (if you are taking the most cost-efficient mode of transportation).  We decided to choose convenience when booking accommodations, so a train transfer was unnecessary.  From the airport, we took the limited express train to Ueno Station and decided to walk the rest of the way to the 1980 Yen Hotel.  You can also transfer to get a little closer to the hotel, but we decided that we would do a bit of exploring and avoid having to buy another ticket. 

So what exactly is the 1980 Yen Hotel?  Well it’s the cheapest place to stay if you are a male in Tokyo, but that doesn’t mean they sacrifice quality.  It’s 2140 Japanese Yen per night during the week and 2340 Japanese Yen on the weekends, which includes tax.  Each person gets their own private sleeping capsule, a box for their shoes, and a closet to utilize while they stay.  This allows you to keep your belongings under lock and key while you are out and about.  The capsule also gives you privacy while you sleep, which some hostels/guesthouses lack.

With 74 capsules, the building can accommodate a large number of guests.  The capsules are spread across multiple floors.  Each floor has a shared bathroom, and a number of the floors have showers for the guests to use.  The modern bathroom facilities were well maintained and cleaned daily.  Other key features/facilities in the 1980 Yen Hotel are the 24-hour front desk, vending machines, private rooftop, wi-fi access, and coin-operated laundromat. 

The closest subway station to the hotel is Iriya Station, which is on the same line as a lot of the tourist hotspots.  We definitely appreciated not having to worry about transferring all the time when on the subway.  With no curfew, you can feel free to stay out as late as you want.

So who is this hotel for?  Well this is the perfect solution for you if you are traveling alone or on a budget in Tokyo.  You won’t find a better deal and the 1980 Yen Hotel definitely offers you everything you need in a place to stay.  The place hasn’t been open for long, which gives it a clean, modern atmosphere.  We honestly didn’t find anything to complain about during our stay there.  The staff was friendly and always there to help out with issues. 

If you are interested in booking a night at the 1980 Yen Hotel, you can find it listed under most hostel booking websites.  We highly suggest using SwigMeetsWorld’s Hostel World affiliate link to do so.  Click here and search for 1980 Yen Hotel.  You can also check out the 1980 Yen Hotel on Facebook here.

You can check out the gallery below for some pictures of the place!