Zedd’s ‘Addicted To A Memory’ is a complextro masterpiece

Zedd‘s upcoming album, ‘True Colors’, was made available for preorder on iTunes just hours ago and has already taken over the #1 spot on the iTunes Dance music chart.  Ahead of the its May 19th release, Zedd also dropped another track from the album to give fans a taste of what’s to come.  While ‘I Want You To Know’, featuring Selena Gomez, didn’t excite us very much, ‘Addicted To A Memory’ is a different story.  It features some incredible vocals from the female trio Bahari and it’s safe to say that this track feels more like the Zedd from years past.  The track showcases Zedd‘s insane composition skills and complextro mastery, all while remaining appealing to radio stations.  Hopefully the rest of ‘True Colors’ will sound more like this track, but to find out, we’ll have to wait for May 19th.  Push the play button above and let us know what you think about the track in the comments below.