Check out “Higher” — the debut single from B3D


After a long weekend of partying, the last thing you want to hear is another big room house track. Although it gets the job done on the mega-club dance floor, big room house doesn’t transition well into a morning commute or relaxing afternoon. So instead of throwing another Hardwell festival anthem into your playlist, we highly recommend you check out this alternative from B3D and DJ NYSE.

NYC production duo B3D have released their debut single titled “Higher.” The electro-pop inspired collaboration with DJ NYSE features the sultry vocals of emerging singer and songwriter Isa – an undeniably talented songstress. “Higher” is now available on iTunes at

Composed of Bruno J. Sutter III and Deborah Robb, B3D’s, “Higher” serves as a turning point in both their careers as they set out to become the new breed of musical trendsetters. The single embodies the beauty of classical music, vocal arrangement, and musical composition while including the catchy rhythm of dance.

From start to finish, “Higher” from B3D and NYSE is a beautiful piece of electronic music. The production work features layer after layer of incredible subtleties that flawlessly form the backdrop for Isa’s vocals. The fact that this is a debut single from B3D excites us even more. We can’t wait to hear what else they deliver.

If you like what you hear, visit iTunes to purchase the track and support B3D.