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We’ve got another awesome interview feature here on with the up-and-coming American artist, Boy Face.  Boy Face is promoting his new single entitled ‘BUSY’, which features the talented Kevin Lyttle, Wolffman, and Rootsy.  Before we get into the Q&A, read over this press release to get acquainted with the new track and Boy Face himself. 

Even while international platinum soca artist Kevin Lyttle is working on the release of his new single featuring Legendary Diamond artist Shaggy titled “Feel So Good”, he still also finds time to promote the new Boy Face single titled BUSY that he makes a surprise guest appearance on. Kevin Lyttle is well known for his smash hit single “Turn Me on” that is a timeless classic with good rhythms and vibes. He and Boy Face recently collaborated on the BUSY song after being introduced by Guillermo of Perpetual Motions Entertainment, who also manages Boy Face. Boy Face’s new single was premiered at the 2014 Lustig Festival in Suriname by DJ Wolffman, who remixed the single. DJ Wolffman has remixed songs for artists such as Pitbull, Daft Punk, Snoop Dogg, and Timati and has now added his production credits to Boy Face’s new BUSY single.  So just who is Boy Face to be working with such prominent musicians? Boy Face is a New Orleans born, Seattle raised artist with quite a few Google pages full of projects. He is managed by Perpetual Motions Entertainment based in The Netherlands, and has most recently received radio spins for his 2014 feature collabo with Choo Biggz titled “TONIGHT (Brem City Remix)” also featuring platinum artists 50 Cent, and Tank.

In 2005, Boy Face (under the alias Lix,) was recruited by Daz Dillinger and Kurupt of Snoop Dogg’s Dogg Pound Imprint for a brief Dogg Pound Next Generation group project. Since the end of that project he has remained an independent artist under his own F Pac Records label, but has a single deal with Blanco Y Negro Music in Spain, and Lifted House in Scandinavia.

Boy Face has most recently been networking within the Entertainment industry being spotted at red carpet events like Kevin Hart’s “Let Me Explain” movie premier in NYC last year and more recently Wendy William’s 50th Birthday Bash in NYC this summer. Now, Boy Face has worldwide ambitions having launched the edm single featuring Kevin Lyttle on Coast 2 Coast FM radio, Radio stations in Spain and Scandinavia and Top 40 Suriname radio. The single is now also affecting nationwide US radio. BUSY has also been released in other territories such as Spain and Scandinavia and the video is quickly gaining momentum on Youtube. Spain label Blanco Y Negro Music has signed the single, as well as Scandinavian label Lifted House. The new Boy Face single is being promoted in The Netherlands as well and Brazil has requested the new BUSY video for television while the single gains momentum. Boy Face has always been a fan of the legendary Kevin Lyttle and says he learned a lot from him from the time they recorded the single in the studio. Their collaboration on the single will give the fans something they’ve been waiting for: Kevin’s sensational singing voice combined with Boy Face’s witty lyrics and distinct rap voice. Legendary artist/writer Rootsy also makes a cameo on the song to add a reggae/Caribbean vibe to the song. Boy Face is honored to have a legend like Kevin Lyttle promoting the song and anticipates when they hit the stage together soon to perform BUSY. DJs everywhere should add this song to their radio playlist, and fans should get the BUSY single on iTunes and the all new Boy Face “THOT PROCESS” album now available digitally worldwide. Boy Face also has a club single titled “New York Dimelo” affecting clubs everywhere soon!

Boy Face may be recognizable by his Will Smith/Usher style boyish looks, but his work ethics will soon have record labels writing man sized checks.

Now that you have a better idea about who Boy Face is and what he has accomplished, we had a few questions to ask him about his career and the new single.  Keep reading for the Q&A!

How did all of the European connections come about? From the Netherlands to Spain and Scandinavia, there must be some interesting stories on how those developed.

Yes, there is an interesting story. I attribute it to good a** music. Good music will reach other planets if you let it. I know a few people who know a few people. They heard the song and wanted to sign it directly to their label. It was fate.

Was there any major influence or inspiration behind the track ‘Busy’?

Kevin Lyttle was a major influence behind “Busy”. He is a genius in the studio. We got in the studio to record and it and Busy just came out, another one of those fate moments. Everyone can relate to being Busy, and while he was in New York we were Busy with meetings. The struggle was real lol

Can you tell us a bit about what the song is about and the process of writing it/working with Kevin?

The song is about guys being busy and girls wanting to chill. It’s also about having fun when you do get time, and not having the drama of relationshits. Working with Kevin Lyttle in the studio was easy. He gives pointers and his voice is like the Stevie Wonder of Soca, so you’re just in awe, like “I’m here with Mr. Turn Me On” singer himself. It was epic.

Having been quite successful with networking and spreading music around the world, can you share some advice for artists or promoters? What valuable information have you learned over the years?

What I have learned is that no one knows the rules. I’m saying, people with millions of dollars have more resources to reach fans, but anyone can build a fanbase nowadays if they just be themselves, and build a strong team. Your team is everything. The great ideas can only be implemented by a great team. Re-invent the game. I’ve always made my own rules, and made some good a** music while being fly off some good a** weed.

What artists would you like to see collaborating with Boy Face in the future?

Well, collaborating on a song with Kevin Lyttle was a major goal, now I want to record with Avicii, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Pitbull, Aloe Blacc and Beyonce’

What direction is Boy Face’s music headed? Basically, what’s next?

I want to be the King of Edm, producers and artists (with a small, medium, or large budget) that you know send them my way. I have great work ethics, and I love making dance, and electronic music. I also want to have my songs licensed for movies, both in the US and Europe. I have a lot of goals. Mainly just topping the dance charts one day, and working with Avicii.

Well there you have it folks! A big thank you to Boy Face for taking the time to answer the questions. Big support from ElectRow and South Korea. Keep doing what you’re doing and be sure to share your new music with us at any time. If you enjoy ‘BUSY’, be sure to support Boy Face by following him on social media using the links below the video. Enjoy!

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