Debbie Chia – Live at World DJ Fest 2013

Red Bull Music Academy Radio Flashback: Debby Chia – Live at World DJ Fest 2013

Introduction to Flashback

Before we jump into this week’s mix, we want to further explain what you can expect from this new feature.  South Korea has been lucky enough to have some incredible artists perform thanks to Red Bull, and more specifically, the Red Bull Music Academy.  Several of these artists’ sets were recorded for the Red Bull Music Academy Radio and made available online.  We’ve partnered up with Red Bull to revisit these mixes to help promote both the artists and the idea of capturing music.  We are fortunate to be living in a time period that has the technology capable of recording audio and uploading it to a central location.  From that central location, we can listen to the audio from devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones.  In the past, if you missed out on a live performance, you would never get a second chance to hear it.  Nowadays, previous Red Bull Music Academy Radio performances from artists like Debbie Chia, are only one click away.

Debbie Chia – Live at World DJ Fest 2013

During the 2013 World DJ Fest in Yangpyeong, South Korea, the Red Bull Music Academy Festival Stage hosted some incredible acts. For the first few weeks of our Flashback feature, we’ll be checking out some of the recorded live sets from Red Bull Music Academy Radio. For the final edition of the World DJ Fest features, we have Debbie Chia‘s set.  Debbie is a talented female DJ from Singapore.  Here’s what the Red Bull Music Academy Radio has to say about her:

Hailing from Singapore, Debbie Chia aka Miso Flamingo is first and foremost a house DJ, dropping her fine selection of jackin’ Chicago tracks, NY underground dubs or Detroit-infused rhythms somewhere between Melbourne and Manila. An Academy participant in Seattle in 2005, she is doing her time on the weekly bar circuit, and is the co-owner of event company and label Midnight Shift, as well as the founder of the MFO Girl DJ Bootcamp in Singapore. Debbie believes that the perfect mix is one that has both soul and intellect. Just listen to her lovely sets and you know the deal.

We hope you enjoy this amazing set from Debbie Chia and remember to check back every Thursday as we revisit more awesome sets from Red Bull Music Academy Radio in South Korea!  We’ve also posted a nice overview of the Red Bull Music Academy event series happening in Tokyo 2014, so check that out under the Red Bull Music Academy menu above.