DJ Jazzy Jeff in Seoul (Club Lucidream Recap)

The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff returned to Seoul last month and played a spectacular set at Club Lucidream in Seoul’s Itaewon neighborhood.  ElectRow was in the building to witness the legend and capture a little video footage along the way.  The Grammy Award-winning DJ/producer bounced around genres effortlessly.  His flawless technique and track selections had his fans both new and old completely blown away.  From funk and rock to trap and hip-hop, DJ Jazzy Jeff played a little of everything and lived up to his ‘Magnificent’ title.  Dayne Jordan, the MC during Jazzy Jeff’s set, did a fantastic job complementing the set.  It’s always a pleasure when the MC isn’t overbearing or getting in the way of the music.

We want to thank Show Kings Entertainment for bringing DJ Jazzy Jeff to Seoul and creating a special moment for the fans that grew up listening to DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince.  We wish every Thursday was that much fun and hope to see Jazzy Jeff in Seoul again soon!