Elline – Smoke and Mirrors

Artist Name: Elline
Track Name: Smoke and Mirrors
Genre: Pop

We’re back with another Fresh Mixes feature, bringing you musical selections from across the globe in order to introduce you to new artists and genres. Today, we’re featuring a track from Elline called Smoke and Mirrors.

Even from just listening to the first few seconds of this track, we knew that this would be a great track to share. Everything about the track screams “hit” and leaves us anxiously awaiting to hear more from the talented singer/songwriter!

A creative, hypnotic blend of skillful songwriting fused with melodic traces of soul and electronic music the first single “Smoke and Mirrors” is a great introduction to her powerful debut. Written by Elline and produced by Sur and Felipe Mejia Saldarriaga “Smoke and Mirrors” is a catchy, pop record with a meaningful storyline and a rhythmic vibe. As explained by Elline, the single “talks about losing one’s individuality or the culture of superficiality and how we can easily become a victim of it.”

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