Finding My Seoul: 7544 Miles of Cultural Differences

Sounds like a lot, looks like a lot, well it is a lot. I guess it all comes down to the person who is looking for their soul. It looks like the road I have chosen is long, the path at best bumpy, and has more questions than answers. It’s a road of discovery, a road to an adventure of a life time. Can you really say you’ve done everything to follow your dream? It may have taken me a little longer than most, but I realized I’m going to embrace that in which I seek the most.

America is a country based on handshakes, now we don’t touch anything without a sanitizer. I like the fact that in South Korea you greet with a bow. It says a lot about the history and the culture we missed out on in the States. I understand South Korea and the hierarchy- the Chaebols that run government and businesses throughout the country. We have it here in America too.  We call them lawyers. They gave an oath to be there for the people, sound familiar?

I have to say I’m a little scared, a little intimidated, with the cultural differences, but I hope to be embraced by the people with my persistence and my ability to make those around me feel comfortable. I am a people person and while I am friendly, I understand the culture does not allow for the gestures we take for granted here in the States.I have a lot to learn, I have many things to grasp including the language. Not just speaking, but also writing and reading. I’m bound to get lost more than a few times and I’m bound to order the wrong food, but I’ll suck it up and eat it, I promise.

I hope to learn the differences and I hope to make those around me proud of my achievements in their culture. I never give up on a dream, not about to start now. In all the things I do each day, I’m proud, and I have learned to view mistakes and the past as tools for my future. I welcome inspiration. I welcome the people to come along on my journey, and I hope laugh with me as I make mistakes. I write a children’s series in the States, well actually there available anywhere, but I took a small town and introduced it to the world.  I have a lot planned in Seoul.  I have a book and several series I plan to pen to paper, or should I say laptop.

I’m sort of old school, but I’m learning, growing and coming on strong. I hope you’re with me on this remarkable journey. You can reach me at I hope to hear from you.

By Cindy Lewis