GETSETGO! – A Performer’s Perspective


The beat was pumping. The drinks were flowing. The people were moving and everyone seemed to be out of their mind. It was all thanks to ElectRow.

ElectRow has been throwing these parties for some time now trying to alter the club game in Seoul, Korea. While creating a network of working friends, ElectRow is joining the group of new and up-and-coming party groups.

GETSETGO! was one of the many functions this organization has put on and it just keeps growing. The party was carefully crafted with different sounds musically. You had some electro, trap, hip hop, UKG, and drum n’ bass while adding in a few emcees: Caliph Knight and Dirty Efnic. There were a few surprise guests that deserve honorable mentions: Benny Fax, the freestyle king of Seoul, and the blazing, quick-witted Jake Pain.

The night seemed to be running smoothly with the first DJ of the night: Solar. He was putting it down on the ones and twos with some eclectic electronic tracks.  His set was perfectly balanced with just enough energy to warm the crowd up for the long night ahead.  This was his ElectRow party debut, and he came ready to impress.  Next up was ElectRow’s own, (G)ASKA.  He took it down south with some trap style music.  Making that booty sweat, he had the women twerking and twitching.  His set featured, Caliph Knight doing what he does best with some lighting fast flows with some off the wall lyrics.  The dynamic duo set the club on fire. During the set, Benny Fax got up and did his thing on the mic. Benny Fax and Caliph Knight are the only two to have held the title as the Freestyle Kings of Seoul.  They were serving the diabetics with a sweetness that would put them in a coma.

As the night progressed, Dirty Efnic began ripping it up during Z-Note’s set. The vibes were flowing.  An unexpected turn of events happened midway through Z-Note’s set as Jake Pain blessed the crowd with this quick, ballistic flow.  The sickness just spills over when he hits the room. With the flow of Robocop’s automatic pistol, Jake Pain began ripping and another rush of energy flowed through the crowd like a Sunday Revival.  The synergy was flowing between Jake and Z-Note and the crowd was feeling it.  As the music kept grooving, Caliph Knight joined the fray once again to add an extra dose of flavor to the mix.

The final DJ of the night was Scotticus Finch.  He is one of the hardest working DJs in Seoul. The man lived up to expectations dropping rhythmic beats that kept the vibes flowing into the wee hours of the morning as all the walking dead zombies returned to their day lives.  ElectRow put on one hell of a party. The beats were hot. The flows were cold.  The people were loving it like a fat kid loves cake. Stay on alert for the next event from the new sounds and styles of ElectRow.

Shout out to Caliph Knight of Krusade Entertainment for giving us the lowdown on this event from a performer’s perspective.  Be sure to check out CrossFire, his new outlet for voicing his opinions on everything from music to movies to travel destinations.