Gkay Skully – Barnes Road Goonie Mixtape

Gkay Skully – Barnes Road Goonie

The Mixtape

ElectRow.com’s #FreshMixes is back with more music to introduce you to new artists and new genres from around the world.  For this edition, we’ve got something a little different, with a mixtape from Gkay Skully.  We cover a lot of different styles of electronic music at ElectRow, and if you think about it, hip-hop music is almost always created through electronic music software.

Off the streets of Little Rock, Arkansas (Banging in Lil Rock), comes the most talked about artist in the South in recent years – Glen “Gkay Skully” King. He has REAL street credibility & raw talent that’s light years away from many of his peers. With his New Mixtape “BARNES ROAD GOONIE” hosted by Chicago’s DJ Smoke, Skully is Raw & uncut, graphically illustrating street tales on this latest project.

Check out the mixtape and follow Gkay Skully on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud and YouTube.  You can also take a listen to one of his new singles below.