Hongdae’s Secret Garden – The May Flower

 Hongdae’s Secret Garden:

  The May Flower

Name outside


There is a new secret nook in Hongdae.  It’s a place where you can relax listening to the birds, drink coffee, listen to music and sip cocktails with the best fusion cuisine dishes. It sounds too natural to be Hongdae, but it is true! The May Flower opens its doors and invites you to a cozy garden in the middle of  Seoul.


The May Flower is a garden pub which offers a fresh atmosphere free from crowded streets and pubs. It is the perfect place to enjoy with your friends or take a date. You will be able to have a good conversation without the maddening noise and music from the street. This is the perfect place to go alone and work without stress.

You can  bring your dog to enjoy the garden as well. May, the white puppy that the staff is raising makes the establishment dog friendly . May is still very young, but she has already become part of the Mayflower family.  Sunny, told us they plan to use May for the garden pub, but not for another few months, when she is more mature.

General Manager with May

It is the perfect place for privacy. The May Flower hopes famous actors and singers will use their establishment as a place to have private parties after the filming of movie, or a secret event. There is also a photography studio in the second floor so photo shoots are possible for events.


The Mayflower has professional baristas preparing delicious coffees, ice slushies including the imaginative one with yogurt balls. But, The Mayflower has more to offer then coffee and soft drinks. Hard-to-find wine and whiskies are also available. Beer, one of the most popular drinks, is also here. Choose your drink according to your taste and savor one of its varied dishes.

Part of the staff

The May Flower has a young, but experienced staff who can attend to patrons in Korean and English. Next time that you want to find your own place in this crowded city, remember you have a secret garden waiting for you. Go with your friends, as couple or with your dog!  It’s a beautiful place to drink and eat, relying on the best quality of ingredients. A place with kind people who will help you and try to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

The May Flower Address: 366-7, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

By: Mireya Harillo