Here at ElectRow, we’ve had some wonderful opportunities to interview local artists, up-and-comers, and legends in the world of electronic music.  As we continue our ElectRow Interview series, we are thrilled to bring you this interview with German DJ and producer, Butch.  We touch on everything from his start with music, experiences, and what is exciting him at the moment.  He has a lot of exciting things happening, especially with Otherside (see interview for more details!) and we really look forward to seeing him continue to rise and conquer.

The Interview

What got you started in music 20 years ago?

As a kid I was hyperactive and it was hard for me to fall asleep. The only thing that helped was singing to myself, that calmed me down and eventually helped me to nod off. So making music is very intuitive for me, it has been with me all of my life. DJing and producing were simply the tools that seemed most accessible and available and were what I fell in love when I first watched Beat Street and Wildstyle.

Any particular artist or style that created your obsession within electronic music?

I couldn’t name a specific artist, there are too many to single one or two out. All music influences me but I guess the music from Wildstyle and Beat Street sets the underlying tone. This is where HipHop and Electronic Music are still one, where dance music has a real edge and a  mean beat and is about skills and danceability. Still, as I say, I really love all kinds of music!

Where did you first learn about the movie Wildstyle and how did it affect your life/career?

We had a VHS recording of Wildstyle lying around at home, I don’t know how it got there. Probably one of my brother’s friends once left it at our place, who knows. Apart from Beat Street, Wildstyle was my introduction to this kind of music. Not just the music though, it also showed me a wholly unknown lifestyle of the B-Boy culture like rapping, graffiti and DJing. Seeing that fascinated me and planted the seed for me to want be a DJ and to be a part of this culture.

How did it affect your perception of the USA/NYC?

New York was the home of the coolest people on the planet for me. It really was the place to be, where the realest and the most creative people lived. That’s where I wanted to go. When I got to New York the first time I was a little disappointed as I got there 20 years too late. Giuliani had really cleaned up the city by then. Nowadays running a club in NY is a difficult business I am told.

What sets you apart from other DJs and producers?

My work-ethic. Even when I don’t feel like it, I go to the studio every day of the week, except when I have a gig. There’s always something to do, working on arrangements or whatever. I work every day of the week and I think this continuity has worked very well for me.

What would be your dream club be to have residency at?

Oh, I don’t know. Honestly, at the moment I am really happy traveling the world, it is such a blessing to be able to do what I do. My residency with Watergate is a huge gift and I love it there, apart from that I don’t feel I need another residency at the moment.

What kind of venues did you start out DJng in?

Some friend’s living rooms of course! Then I moved up to the youth clubs in region (laughs)! I was deep into turntablizm first, scratching and beat-jugglings, so my next level was taking part at turntablizm championships. I guess I have played nearly all kind of venues you can imagine.

How did you get the residency at Watergate and how have you found the experience?

I first played there at a friend’s birthday party and the guys from Watergate loved my set. They booked me for a proper gig and have just been asking me back again and again. Watergate is one of the top clubs in the world, I really feel honored and love playing there every time. The venue, the people, the sound-system, the lighting: all of it is world-class and makes for a beautiful experience.

What shows in your history as a DJ stick out in your memory?

Uhm, tough question. Honestly, it feels unfair to single out specific gigs. In hindsight I even love the ones where I played for an empty dance-floor back in 2000. But of course, I love where I am now a million times more (laughs)!

What are some highlights of summer 2014?

We’ve finished working on the Otherside album! Finally! Now we’re busy preparing the live-set and I love it! Hohberg and I really work well together, it feels natural. Apart from that I played my first Circoloco gig and that was the bomb. I’ll be playing at the Amnesia closing as well so that is something to really look forward to! Still, the Otherside is what really excites me at the moment!

You’ve performed quite a bit in Ibiza, what would be your ‘to-do list’ of Ibiza essentials?

Check out the island! Seriously, it is a truly beautiful place and I highly recommend you travel around and soak up the energy. And of course come to all the great clubs and party your ass off (laughs)!

What is exciting you at this moment and what can we expect from Butch in the future?

The Otherside album is coming, the Otherside label is coming and the Otherside live-set is in the making as we speak. That’s what I go to the studio for every day of the week, to break on through to the Otherside with you guys!

Butch & Hohberg – Rebirth (DMT Video Version)

As Butch mentioned during the interview, he is extremely excited by Otherside.  ‘Rebirth‘ is a track from Hohberg and himself on the Otherside label with an incredible music video for you to watch.  The track has had a lot of great support from big artists like Seth Troxler, Solomun, Robag Wruhme, Shlomi Aber, Karotte, Anja Schneider, Agoria, Pan-Pot, dOP, Felix da Housecat, Pirupa, Uner, Riva Starr, Thomas Schumacher, Jay Lumen, Damian Lazarus, Kaiserdisco, and Carlo Lio.  Check it out below and click the links to grab the tune off of Beatport, on vinyl, or listen to the entire EP.  Enjoy!

Out on beatport: http://btprt.dj/1ttMli5
Out on vinyl: http://bit.ly/1myLVBs
listen to the whole ep: http://bit.ly/1lgOdWG

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