Korea Burn

Burning Man is a festival of legendary proportions that is held every summer in the Nevada dessert. It is a place for artists, survivalist, musicians and anyone with a sense of adventure. Each year the festival spot is chosen and an entire community is built from the ground up by the 50,000 or so participants. This spirit has not been contained within the razor wire fences of America. All over the world the ideas of sharing and freedom of individual expression have spread to many “regional burns”.

This weekend, in South Korea, the 4th annual Korea Burn, will take place on Cheongpo Island, which is located about 2 and a half hours from central Seoul, South Korea’s capital.

Burn korea good map

By far the most radical thing about the Burning Man philosophy is the strong attitude towards environmental protection. Each festival has a strict “leave no trace” policy; which is quite impressive because at each festival a small settlement is created and then later vanishes. In fact each event usually comes with a survival guide, which is required reading for all participants to ensure a positive experience for everyone, and everything that touches the festival atmosphere. Korea Burn, like every burning man event, has chosen the theme of the elements, which represent the 4 elements that are found on the Korea national flag.

Korean Flag

The chance to experience the Burning Man vibe and good times will be going on from July 3rd until the 7th at Korea Burn. It’s a lot cheaper than a plane ticket to Nevada, and the ticket is only 90,000 won, compared to the triple digit prices of Burning Man. If interested, ticket purchases are available at the entrance to the event. Korea is not the place know for its freedom of individual expression. With out a doubt this will be one of the greatest experiences in South Korea this summer.