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Mercedes Me Pop-up

In 2014 Mercedes continues to push the automotive boundary with the redesign of their A class automobiles.  They are also pushing the promotional boundary by hosting their first pop-up shop.  Tuesday October, 21st  was the opening of the Mercedes Me pop-up shop “A Class” launch party. The event is being held in the Sinsa district of Seoul on Serosu-Gil.  This is an area known for posh fashion boutiques and delicious food from around the world – the obvious choice for any launch event. Mercedes was able to transform a building into a club style showroom.

Upon entering the showroom, which had on display the new A class and the CLA 45 AMG class monster, while gawking at the autos wristbands were given out by the staff to truly add to the club experience. The wristband came with three free drinks and the hostess pointed us towards the nearest bar. Before grabbing a drink, the second and third floors were both explored. The 2nd floor has a bar stocked with vodka with four distinct mixes to celebrate the four Mercedes promoted during the event. A coffee and ice-cream bar was also available as well as a candy dispensing machine stocked with the classics. The third floor was for additional seating and a roof top view of the Sinsa area.

At 7:30 PM the showroom really turned into a lounge as the house lights were turned down and the club lights started to flash. DJ Shanell started her lounge music set and kept the beats pumping for over an hour. The crowd was small, but not bad for a rainy Tuesday night. Most the attendees were sitting and enjoying the atmosphere provided by Mercedes. Without a doubt this event will have more attendees in the following days.

The Mercedes pop-up shop events will be held until Saturday the 25th. Wednesday night DJ Shanell will perform again, on Thursday DJ Jieun will bring her sexy charisma to the scene. Friday will bring the start of “fandom” night with performances from DJ Mush xxx and DJ/model Julian Quintart. The final night of the event will feature a performance from Vanilla Acoustic and the magician Cheo Hyeon Woo. However, if you have time to get to the area during the day, there will be a cooking class held on Thursday by the Japanese Dessert house Mon Chou Chou. A barista coffee class will be held on Friday. Both of these day events will start at 2pm.

Here is a map to the event and the website that has all the details in Korean. You can even sign up for a test drive of one the new cars.

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