How I Met My Korean Wife

People always think my wife and I met in Korea. We didn’t. We actually met in Canada. The story of how we met is truthfully cliche, and yet also unique. We met on a typical Canadian February night in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The snow was rolling down. It was a heavy, wet Atlantic coast snow. The kind that will turn into ice within minutes of hitting the ground. I was walking towards my then car, the white beastly 1996 Volvo 850 wagon. Thank you Dad.  I was parked across from the School of Architecture and Planning next to Hali’s one and only American Apparel. Seriously great location right, AA and an architecture & design school? What was Dov thinking? Well, as I walked towards my car I looked through the window of 2nd Cup, Canada’s first upscale coffee chain, which is right across the street from Starbucks. Here, sitting at a table was this girl who I thought, “Wow, she is hot.” Since I’m not afraid of talking to strangers, even non-Anglo/Franco looking people, I walked up and started talking to her. My first question was, “Do you like electronic music?” She said yes. Then I asked if she liked Felguk, my favourite Brazilian duo. She said yes. Clearly this conversation was going somewhere. I then asked if she wanted to join me at the upcoming Felguk concert the following month. She said yes. She said yes in the end to all my questions.

So, my wife and I share an interest in electronic music. She likes Telefon Tel Aviv, I like TTV. I like Will Bailey, she likes Will Bailey. We listen to Ofer Nissim together all the time. At night, we calm down with a little Boards of Canada. We are both products of the 90s. I still remember acts like Ken Ishii, the Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack. Then, there were the dance groups like M-People and the KLF. Then there was the pop-music: Boys-II-Men, which I guess are R&B, and everything else. The 90s, which many think of as having terrible music, I think were actually really fun. Then again, I am a child of this decade. Again what does this have to do with my wife and music and Korea? Well, we are both similar in age, and have similar interests and lifestyles. Heck, not only did I find a fellow aficionado of electronic music, but also a landscape architect. It’s like I married a Korean female version of myself minus my sense of humour and large nose, and unsightly body hair. And receding hairline. And…lately we are both taking trips down memory lane.

To be continued…

How I Met My Korean Wife by Jarod Guillette

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