M!LK @ Dojo

This Friday, May 9th, “M!LK”, the live deep house collective, will be performing at DOJO Lounge in Itaewon.  M!LK is unique in the fact that it is made up of DJs, percussion, vocals, keys, and trumpet, all playing at the same time.  Here’s the breakdown of the members of the collective:

“M”= Mykian (SPACIOUS) : DJ / Trumpet (USA) + Mike (Sotto Gamba): Percussion (Canada)
“L”=Lex (THELEXVISION): Keyboards (USA)
“K”=Kala MC (KALA) : Vocals (South Africa)

Friday night’s event will feature also feature guest DJ, Run Catch Kiss (Soulroom Bangers) (USA).

As always, DOJO has no cover fee, so you can enter for free at any point during the evening.  Friday night will also feature 2 for 1 house drink specials for ladies from 9 PM to 11 PM!  The doors open at 9 PM and the DJs will kick off at 10PM.  Once the party gets going, the band will join in to keep the energy level at a max!

DOJO is in Itaewon, near NOXA Lounge by Noksapyong Station at the foot of Kyungridan.

Check out the Facebook event here!

M!LK at Dojo