Super X Summer Festival

This past weekend (August 15-16) was a busy weekend for Korea in terms of festivals.  There were several major ones taking place over the extended holiday weekend, but ElectRow was able to spread out and cover a couple of them.  One of the festivals we had the opportunity to attend was the Super X Summer Festival.  It took place at the Walkerhill Riverpark in Seoul, which was the perfect backdrop for this all-day/night poolside festival.  Attendees had plenty of room to relax and enjoy both the main stage and the Ibiza stage.  Featuring the Amnesia Ibiza World Tour and the Matinee Summer Festival, the weekend was jam-packed full of exciting DJs, live acts, and performances including the headliner – Paris Hilton.  The relaxed, daytime atmosphere was a perfect contrast to the electro-fueled evenings.

The sprawling oasis attracted some of South Korea’s most beautiful party-goers.  We were amazed by how large the park was and the event organizers did a great job making sure to utilize the entirety of it.  The spaces were well separated, but at the same time, you didn’t have to walk very far to get to each.  While some events are saturated with sponsor booths, we appreciated the placement and opportunities to win goodies through contests.  Some of the event sponsors were even giving away free stuff, which is always an added bonus.  With a nice mixture of local and international acts, the music was spot-on throughout the entire event.  Not only were Super X Summer Festival attendees treated to bouncing beats and infectious rhythms, performers and dancers gave them something exciting to look at.  The whole experience made it hard for fans to resist taking pictures to send to their friends doing far less exciting things.

Having been to plenty of festivals and events in South Korea, ElectRow found Super X Summer Festival’s atmosphere to be a fresh change to stadiums and clubs.  They set the bar high for outdoor pool parties and it will be very hard for others to compete.  We truly hope that his becomes an annual event, because we want to see what they can do next year to top their debut.

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