Coverage: MOTZ and Sensation Korea 2013

Every year, we witness more and more festivals coming to Korea.  It has almost become an issue because events are starting to overlap during the peak seasons.  This leaves us with tough decisions about who we really want to see.  Nevertheless, it is exciting to live in a country that brings so many amazing musical acts.  A lot of times, Koreans may not recognize the acts from abroad, so getting a front-row view isn’t too difficult to achieve.  In the world of electronic music, we’ve seen several big name events make Korean debuts over the past couple of years.  Both Ultra Music Festival and Sensation have completed two years in South Korea.  We had the opportunity to attend Sensation this year thanks to MOTZ.

MOTZ is an event planning organization based in South Korea, and they are responsible for some of the hottest parties in the country.  Even if you glance at their resume briefly, you will come across some big clients including Hyundai Card, Cartier, Heineken, Gucci, YG Entertainment, and more.  If you have been in the country for some time, you have most likely been to an event that MOTZ helped to plan.  They are everywhere and have done an incredible job of delivering high quality artistry events.

The core value of the company is apparent through MOTZ’s slogan which is divided into three parts.  The first part is SHOCK YOUR SENSES, which reads, “An artistry event that gives ultimate result by combining every single factor.  It stimulates five senses of human, then, it delivers marvelous and impressive moments.”  This was definitely the feeling we got being at Sensation. There was so much to take in with our eyes and ears.  Something that sets Sensation apart from other festivals is its ability to transform an empty space into an artistic masterpiece, and Heineken chose the right company to help bring that to Korea.  The second part of MOTZ’s slogan is CELEBRATE LIFE, which reads, “It will give you the moment for you to feel privileged and proud by delivering higher dignity with a lot of details in it.  You may absolutely choose it as one of the best

moments in your life.”  Life is something worth celebrating, and it’s clear that MOTZ understands this and has made it one of their main focuses.  This is essential for exclusive events that have VIPs in attendance.  The third and final part of their slogan is SPOTLIGHT, which reads, “With sensitive creativeness, reflecting current trends, it delivers wonderful and startling moment that would attract attention of all people.”  This third part is important for clients to see.  Clients want to be in the spotlight obviously, and MOTZ has done a great job of letting them know from the beginning that they are committed to this.

Overall, it is refreshing to see a company that has good values from its very core.  MOTZ has been extremely successful in South Korea and just looking at this slogan, we can see why.  We expect to see Sensation return next year and become bigger and better than ever!  For more details about MOTZ, check the details below.  Their website has an in-depth portfolio to display their previous work, so be sure to check that out!

You can visit MOTZ online at their website: or find them on Facebook at!