The LA-based rapper known as PARKER has released yet another video in the past 24 hours. FIELD TRIP (0 TO 100 REMIX)’s simplistic, yet steady beat gives PARKER the chance to truly shine with his lyrical prowess. Although the track is barely over 2 minutes in length, it is bursting at the seams with hot lines.  “I aint seen a single Asian brother with a deal yet, Give me seven figures you can put me to the real test”  is without a doubt a call out to the music industry for its lack of Asian American’s represented in the business. However, the line “I’m doin me, you doin you, but you just do it wrong”  sticks out as free advice that we should all look into what we are trying to accomplish, and fight for it everyday. No matter how one interprets PARKER‘s lyrics, “FIELD TRIP (0 TO 100 REMIX)” is a head banger that should be played as loudly as possible. Give it a watch below and check out his Twitter and website.

Download the Track here