Pikachu Show Time

Pikachu Parade


Seoul will hold a two day celebration to honor the first Korean gamer to win the Pokemon video game pro championship. Pokemon Champions day will be held at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza on the 15th and 16th (Saturday and Sunday) of November. Events being held to celebrate this will include pop quizzes, card game tournaments,  and an interview with Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby game developers Junichi Madusa and Shigeru Ohmori. However the most exciting event to take place at the Pokemon Champions Day will be the Pikachu Show Time, which is a live performance by Pikachu mascots . This performance will take place four times  from 2pm to 6pm. Dongdaemun Design Plaza can be reached by taking seoul subway line 4 to Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station exit 1. 


images courtsey of Facebook