Pioneer XDJ-1000 Introduction

Pioneer announced their first ever USB-only player, the XDJ-1000.  The digitally focused player comes rekordbox™ ready and is the first player to feature a touchscreen.  The large intuitive touchscreen seems like it will make browsing, playing, and performing easier and more exciting, but we’ll have to wait to get our hands on one to really determine that.  We must admit that the ability to search for your music using a QWERTY keyboard does seem quite appealing.  The player itself has a familiar club layout.  This will make transitioning from CDJs a breeze.  There are a lot of other cool features (like the color-coded USB port light) in the XDJ-1000, but we’ll let the official introduction video do a better job of showing those to you.  With a suggested retail price of $999, we’re excited to see what retailers start offering it for very soon.