R10T – Death Pony Express

We’re back with another Fresh Mixes feature, bringing you musical selections from across the globe in order to introduce you to new artists and genres. Today, we’re featuring an electronic fusion track from R10T, an electronic music solo project based in Toronto, Canada. Death Pony Express is one of the track’s off Digital Riot — R10T’s debut EP.  Keep reading to find out more about the track!

What is the story behind this track/mix?

This single was written 2 years ago before this music project got started. It was originally meant to be a track to collaborate with a DJ friend, this never happened. Eventually, my interest in electronic music begin to take shape as i wanted to deepen my knowledge in production but also was inspired by my growing fascination for Integrated Media. Being a fan of Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and some Aphex Twin, i felt that maybe i could do some justice with electronic music and take time to compose without the usual guitar composition approach; and see where it would lead.

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Artist Name: R10T
Track Name: Death Pony Express
Genre: Electronic Fusion

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