SCHALA – Algorithm (Original Mix)

Artist Name: SCHALA
Track Name: Algorithm
Genre: Progressive, Club

We’re back with another Fresh Mixes feature, bringing you musical selections from across the globe in order to introduce you to new artists and genres.  Today, we’re featuring a fresh track from SCHALA.

When you reach a certain point in your music-making career, you may face constraints and obligations from labels and social pressures from those around you. They’ll want you to make music to please the radio stations, charts, and screaming festival fans. However, it’s always important to find time to make music for yourself and express what you are feeling. This is exactly what SCHALA wanted to do with the track Algorithm. Here’s what SCHALA had to say about the track:

Algorithm is coming after two big-room tracks I had released earlier this summer. Algorithm best defines where I currently sit musically, and the energy I’m drawing upon. I wanted to return to the more Progressive style of music, something I had set out for earlier last year. For the past six months I have been working in Hollywood with commercial based EDM, and from there I wanted to do something different. Something a bit more personal and true to my sound, free from the whims of Hollywood executives and record labels, (although, you will be seeing this on Clubstream Blue sometime in early 2016, a long with my debut EP for them.) and thus you have Algorithm, I hope you enjoy this record.

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