Seoul Mexican Food Map


Who doesn’t love a good taco, burrito, enchilada, quesadilla, or margarita?  We decided to compile a comprehensive list of nearly every Mexican place in Seoul and the surrounding areas.  These include the chains like On the Border, Vatos, and Dos Tacos, as well as many smaller places you might not have been aware of.  Over the years, the Mexican food scene has grown so much that it took us quite a while to input all of the information.  As with all of our maps, we realize that it’s difficult to know about every single place around town.  Therefore, we have included a small contact form below the map for you to send us a message with any restaurant we might have missed!  Oh, and one last thing!  Be on the lookout for our FoodFeatures article about some of our guest writer’s top picks of Mexican food places.


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