Korean Trends: Soonhari Chum-Churum Yuja-Flavored Soju

Forget about honey butter chips.  It’s time to make way for a new trend in the world of Korean food and drinks — flavored soju.  While we’ve seen an increase in many companies producing flavored versions of their soju, we decided to try one – Soonhari Chum-Churum Yuja-Flavored Soju produced by Lotte Liquor. This mixju is flavored with the yuzu fruit, a citrus fruit that is commonly used in Korea by combining with honey and sugar to make tea (yuja cha).  It has a very distinct taste and combines perfectly with soju to create a drink that is actually categorized as a liqueur.  With 14% alcohol by volume, it’s about 4% less than some of the regular soju options.  With that being said, drinking the flavored option straight without a mixer was really good.  If you want to keep yourself at a steady buzz while drinking this though, you should probably mix it with something.

Overall, the value of this drink, and soju in general, can’t be beat.  So, next time you are out with your friends that hate soju, order a bottle of this and see what they think.  Other companies already have options like blueberry and pomegranate available, so as the summer heat creeps up on us, we look forward to seeing what other refreshing flavors appear.  Tried this already?  Let us know what you thought of it in the comment section below!