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One of ElectRow’s friends, Yeonjeong Park, a talented local promoter who has started off 2015 with some great parties. She was kind enough to sit down with us and answer some questions about hosting parties in Seoul.

Why did you want to start promoting parties?

Yeonjeong: There are a lot of parties in Seoul and some of them are musically really great. But they are not exposed to people. Those parties need more people, and that can grow djs and party scene in Seoul.
I wanted to let people know a variety of parties and enjoy underground music. That’s why i started promoting several parties. At this moment, I am promoting International Student Party Tour In Seoul, Funky Beats Identity, and Myungwolgwan Weekday Parties.

 What is your favorite thing about promoting parties?

Yeonjeong: I love meeting new people such as other promoters, djs and bar owners. I learn many things from communicating with people from different cultures. And getting to know music better is one of the most exciting thing about this.

What are some of the challenges you have encountered during your promotions?

Yeonjeong: As a promoter, bringing enough people to the venue is always a concern.
I know the parties I’ve promoted were musically amazing but sometimes it’s hard to meet djs and people’s demands at the same time. But i will always try my best to bring cool people to cool parties.

What are some things that are essential for every party promoter?

Yeonjeong: Honesty.

I went through some situations while promoting parties and most of the problems came from miscommunication. When we face embarrassing things, honesty is the best way to get out of the worst situation. I think promoters should be direct, open-minded and confident.

If you could pick any super power what would it be?

Yeonjeong: Super power that can make every person listen to me. – incredible leadership.
In modern society, voice is power. But there are so many voices, suggestions, demands and so on. If i could pick any super power, that would be the one which make every single person listen to me carefully. Then, I will hold a crazy music festival in Seoul. That’s exciting!

Words of advice for people new to partying in Korea?

Yeonjeong: Try going to different kinds of parties. World is big, music is crazily diverse. You might not like some of it, or you might find diamond. I’ve partied here in Seoul and been to tons of venues. And i got to love underground music like reggae, dub, funk, bass music. Getting to know new music is such a precious experience of our lives. Believe me.


Be sure to check  out her Seoul based parties that take place at  Myung Wol Gwan (MWG) in Hongdae  and other parties throughout Seoul.

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