Tom Middleton – Live at World DJ Fest 2013

Red Bull Music Academy Radio Flashback: Tom Middleton – Live at World DJ Fest 2013

Introduction to Flashback

Before we jump into this week’s mix, we want to further explain what you can expect from this new feature.  South Korea has been lucky enough to have some incredible artists perform thanks to Red Bull, and more specifically, the Red Bull Music Academy.  Several of these artists’ sets were recorded for the Red Bull Music Academy Radio and made available online.  We’ve partnered up with Red Bull to revisit these mixes to help promote both the artists and the idea of capturing music.  We are fortunate to be living in a time period that has the technology capable of recording audio and uploading it to a central location.  From that central location, we can listen to the audio from devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones.  In the past, if you missed out on a live performance, you would never get a second chance to hear it.  Nowadays, previous Red Bull Music Academy Radio performances from artists like Tom Middleton, are only one click away.

Tom Middleton – Live at World DJ Fest 2013

During the 2013 World DJ Fest in Yangpyeong, South Korea, the Red Bull Music Academy Festival Stage hosted some incredible acts. For the first few weeks of our Flashback feature, we’ll be checking out some of the recorded live sets from Red Bull Music Academy Radio. For the second edition of this feature, we have Tom Middleton‘s two part set from the festival.  Having shared the stage with artists like Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg, Duran Duran, and Mark Ronson, Tom Middleton needs very little introduction, but in case you aren’t familiar with his work, here’s what the Red Bull Music Academy Radio has to say about him:

Classically trained musician, DJ and producer Tom Middleton is responsible for an archive of critically-acclaimed productions that draws on everything from classical music to techno. He is half of chameleonic supergroup Global Communication with partner Mark Pritchard aka Harmonic 313. Tom has worked under a variety of names including Cosmos, Amba, or The Mod Wheel and was part of enigmatic live band The Bays. Receiving his music production 101 from Richard D. James – Aphex Twin – in the late 1980s, his first actual release had him co-produce a track for Aphex Twin’s Analogue Bubblebath EP, introducing the Schizophrenia moniker. Right after receiving his degree in graphic arts, Tom met up with Mark Pritchard in 1991 to set up the Evolution label (which then became Universal Language, and, eventually, E3) and start the fruitful combination that brought the world projects like Reload (techno, IDM), Secret Ingredients (deep house), Jedi Knights (breakbeat to p-funk extravaganza) and, of course, Global Communication, one of the most influential, enduring and overall rad electronic music acts to ever come out of the UK. Global Communication took the roots from Detroit, soundtracks, European techno, American house, hip hop and all kinds of soulful music to come up with their own, slightly odd brainchild. Under their various guises Tom and Mark have released music on Warp, LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking Records, Dedicated or their own Evolution/Universal Language/E3 imprint. On top of that, Tom has recently launched his new label Sound Of The Cosmos, which he runs together with music journalist Joe Muggs.

We hope you enjoy this amazing two part set from Tom Middleton and remember to check back every Thursday as we revisit more awesome sets from Red Bull Music Academy Radio in South Korea!