Tritonal Interview


Without further ado, we give you our final interview from the Playhouse Festival that took place in Ilsan at the KINTEX during December 2014.  Even after watching superstar DJs like Vicetone, Borgore, Thomas Newson, and Dzeko & Torres, we were still excited to watch Tritonal perform once again in South Korea.  We sat down with them before their set to ask a few questions about a variety of topics.  Check it out:

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What are some of your highlights of this year (2014) ?

First off, non-stop touring.  And then on top of that, I think musically there’s a lot of things that are changing with us.  We were already working on an extra artist album.  We’re going back-to-back studio sessions with a lot of writers.  A lot of vocalitsts.  And so I think the last 11 days of 2014, are going to be really honing in on and focusing in on and getting ready for the whole new year of 2015.

What do you guys have planned for 2015? 

So an album tour at some point — late in the year probably. Festival season is going to be massive for us this year. And we’re getting back to Asia, which we have kinda departed from for a bit to focus on North America and the US.  Market there is exploding and were from there, so we’ve really focused on different markets in Canada, you know?  The United States obviously being a big, big one.  Yeah, college markets there and so…getting out to the rest of the world.

Tell us about your radio show.

Well Tritonia…that’s our radio show…and it airs on Sirius XM  out of  the States and Canada.  But ideally…that show is basically our filter.  We get in a slew of promos every week, and we go through them, and it’s pretty much highlights the music that we love to play and the music that we love to support.  And we have that go on weekly, so it’s a fun show.

Christmas is coming up and on Dec 26 you guys are playing in Vegas.

It’s a residency that we have, so that residency — it just means there’s a lot of shows spread over Vegas and New York.  And I think next year, we re-signed with Marquee and that’s about 16 shows over the course of the year.

What feelings do you get from Korea?

The fans are super energetic — a lot of energy coming from the kids here.  And I would say that EDM’s still kinda new and fresh.  It’s been around for a minute, obviously in Europe, Asia, but, you know, it doesn’t feel like it’s as coming as it is in the US quite yet.  I think some of that has to do with the fact that there’s not…a BPM Sirius XM satellite radio station where you can always get dance music in your car, when you’re traveling.  So hopefully you guys will see that soon…like night-time FM playing more dance stuff, satellite playing more dance stuff.

Besides playing festivals in Korea,did you experience any of the culture?

Last time we were here with Christiana…we played Mass…the first time we were ever here, we went and did everything.  We saw all the temples, went to a bunch of malls, and just got into all the culture stuff.  This trip’s been really short, so there hasn’t been a lot of time.  It’s kind of bang in and bang out. But…hopefully next time, we’ll get a little more down time.

When you book do you try and allow yourself extra time to explore a new place.

Yeah, if it’s this far away, we do.  In the US, if it’s just a two hour flight or a Canada flight…we don’t really pay much attention to it.  But, we come 23 hours…[laughs]

Any music production tips?

I think mixing is a big deal because you can have a lot of shitty sounds, but if you have a good mix, it can still sound pretty cool.  So honestly…if you start with everything like 6 decibels down, you turn your mix down, you mix at a low volume, you’ll have a better mix at the end of the day.  A very basic tip.

And it really is just ‘practice makes perfect’ man.  We’ve spent a lot of time in a studio.  Our tracks have done better over time.  And its evident.


The guys had some work to do before they jumped on stage, so we snapped a few photos and said our goodbyes.  As always, we want to thank Tritonal and their team for allowing us to grab this interview and some pictures.  We also want to thank Playhouse Festival for their cooperation.  Be sure to check out the rest of our Playhouse Festival related features including the coverage, photo gallery, and interviews with Vicetone, Borgore, Thomas Newson, and Dzeko & Torres.