Artist Name: VERONIKA
Track Name: CAMERA


We’re back with another Fresh Mixes feature, bringing you musical selections from across the globe in order to introduce you to new artists and genres.  Today, we’re featuring the powerful visuals for a track from VERONIKA enititled CAMERA.  Both the video and the music itself are really well done and worth checking out.  Here’s some more info on the track:

Veronika has released her latest visuals to the most anticipated record “CAMERA”. The concept behind this masterpiece is its focus on current problems females face nationwide and globally everyday. In Veronika’s opinion, in such countries as Ukraine, Russia, Belorus, Moldova and other ex-USSR countries these rights are not really supported by law or local customs, women’s right are often ignored and suppressed due to inherent historical and traditional exercise of rights by women in favor of men.

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