Vicetone Interview


Following Vicetone‘s incredible set on the first night of Playhouse Festival, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the Dutch duo to discuss Korea, 2014, the future, and more!  To view our pictures of their set, be sure to check out our full photo gallery from Playhouse Festival here.  You can filter the photos by clicking ‘Vicetone’ in the gallery menu.

You can also check out their ‘2014 End of the Year’ mix by clicking the headphone logo above.

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It’s your second time back to Korea, what’s different and what’s the same?

The same is it’s always the same energy.  The crowd here is just amazing.  Our first time coming here we didn’t expect to see such a response and so much energy.  Everytime they just blows us away.  I couldn’t be happier to be back in Korea.

What are some of your highlights of 2014?

We had a Beatport #1 with Nicky Romero, with “Let Me Feel” — so definitely been a highlight. We made the Ultra soundtrack for Ultra Miami, “United We Dance“…And all the big tours we did…all the American tours and all around the world. It’s just been great.  And this Asian tour, of course, to finish it off with a bang.

So, next you’re off to Canada, and then Saint Louis, Missouri (USA) for New Years?  Is there a particular reason you picked that or was it just something that came up.

It was a really good club to play at. It was a really cool offer.  It’s a city we haven’t played before, so that’s special. That’s one of the reasons.  There were cities we could play, and we thought, ‘Why not give a new city a chance?’

Is that something you guys always think about for big, important holidays?  Do you guys always decide on certain cities.

Not always.  This time, this was just one of the best offers we got…but it’s always fun to explore new cities and see how the crowd is different in different cities.

2015, what are you guys excited about?

We have a new release coming out on Spinnin’ Records on the 19th of January called “No Way Out”.  So that’s gonna kick 2015 off and we’re just gonna tour a lot and we’re gonna develop our style of music.  We have a lot of new records live to be released.  A lot of new vocal records as well.

Do you guys prefer to be in the stage or on the studio?

For me its in the studio, but it’s 50/50.  It depends.  If you ask me right now, I might say on stage because it’s so much fun, but we’re music producers at heart.  That’s really where we originated from.  We didn’t start DJing until people started booking us because of our music.

[Looking to the other member] Do you feel the same way?

Yeah, I mean, at the same time it’s awesome to play your own music you produce in front of a crowd, so it is kind of 50/50.

They go hand in hand and its very difficult to choose.

When did it become “real” for you? What was your big moment where you realized you could do this as a profession?

I think, for real, last summer when we started touring in America.

I would say when “Tremble” got released.

Yeah, probably the same time.

Yeah…when “Tremble” got released we realised like, ‘Wow! We can actually do this…tour all around the world with music.’

Any plans of stopping?

No, no, no, no, no…

Have you had time to do anything in Korea? 

No, but we have a day off tomorrow, so were gonna hopefully see some of Seoul and try to experience some Korean barbecue food.

The first time around you didn’t have time?

No, I had no time…

It’s probably the first day off in Korea.

So we’re gonna see the Korean culture if we can.

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We really appreciate it when artists take the time out of their busy schedules to answer a few questions.  Thanks again Vicetone, and we look forward to seeing you back in South Korea in the very near future.