Festival Morph @ Club Freebird2

Festival Morph is Your mid-August Fix @ Freebird 2 in Hongdae, 8/15 – 8/16


FESTIVAL MORPH– the brainchild of We Are The Music Makers (WATMM) from Korea and Andrew Weir(NO DRUMS) from Australia. At least 3 nations will have musicians and artists participate in the festival – KOREA, JAPAN, and AUSTRALIA. A lineup of 10 from Korea, 10 from Japan, and 1 from Australia.

Come out to the newly renovated and totally cool basement cave of FREEBIRD 2 in Hongdae, and help Club Owner Skyler Jeong and his gorgeous crew serve the juice to the decks and the dancers!

Incredible talent, absurd low prices, the sweetest vibe in Hongdae, and ELECTROW in the house!

If you call yourself an indie fan, make the scene at FESTIVAL MORPH, and support our favorite EDM Support Group –WATMM!

 To see the musician lineup, 

To see ticketing and more Morph info


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