It’s Thursday, which means the #weekend has almost arrived! If you are looking for things to do this weekend, Elect Row has got you covered with a list of some of the hottest #parties around #Korea.

First up, if you are a heavy #bass fan, then you’ll want to hit up Sub Syndic8 on Sat. Jan 25th. It’s taking place at B1 Club and Pub in Songdo and the entry is free for everyone 21 and over. DJs Piiro (BR) and Helix Squared (USA) will take control of the decks, while MC Efnic (UK) will rock the microphone. For more details, you can check out the event here:

Next up is the Second Anniversary Party for Bass Attack happening Sat. Jan 25th. Featuring 15 #DJs and 3 #emcees, this party at #Club500 is sure to be a great time. From 10 PM – 6 AM you can catch Sorimsa, Tweek, Eun, 5nail, Kimchi Boy, Noodle, Somal, Bagagee Viphex13Team Boner, Arikama, Insert Coin x Fukkeul, Special Ed, Juncoco, Ddambo, Modo N, MC Jake PainsMC Lucid, and MC Ruckus bring the noise! For more details on this party, visit:

Finally, if you are a fan of the #Gangnam area, you’ll need to check out the Rate Me: A or B party by Impulse Korea also happening on Sat. the 25th of January. #ClubHiP is a brand new venue that will be blasting out the #electronic/#psytrance music all night. If you receive the most A+ stickers during the event, you’ll win an #exclusive prize. For more details on the ratings and venue, visit:

Well that wraps up our weekend preview! If you know of something cool happening around town, then send us a message or email at!