Danny Krivit Interview

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[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]fter an incredible set on the mainstage of Club Answer for the Red Bull Music Academy club night with François K, we caught up with legend Danny Krivit. As we mentioned in the coverage feature, Danny started DJing at the age of 14. However, he was raised in an extremely musical family in New York City, USA, so we asked him to talk about that to start off.

Like all kids and parents, it’s almost like, you want to do something they’re not doing or you don’t want to do what they’re doing.  But I couldn’t help be influenced just by music in general.  It was a musical household.  It just seemed that when I was growing up, the whole neighborhood was that, and I was around really key people in the neighborhood that you couldn’t help but be inspired by.  In my neighborhood, I grew up with Nile Rodgers, and one of my classmates was Creed Taylor Jr. – [his] father owned CTI Records.  And when I’d go after school over to his house, his father would be trying to introduce us to Stanley Turrentine and Freddy Hubbard and all these people.  And I was a kid and I was like, “Yeah, yeah sure.”  You know?  But, I couldn’t help but be really impressed by meeting people like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, you know, John Lennon, all these people.  [And] going to the Filmore East every week, because I was too young to get into clubs.  And I would see Santana’s first performance.  I saw Jimi Hendrix there.  Sly and the Family Stone.  Just every week there was something.  Seeing Led Zeppelin in the Garden when they first came out, and James Brown at the Garden.

So when you first started producing, which of those, or which genre, had the biggest effect on you?

I think that over everything, James Brown had the most serious effect on me.  It was really in my blood.  That was the core of my direction or how I felt about music.

You’ve held down a lot of residencies, have you kept count?

I haven’t made a count.  It was a lot.  It was a lot of years, a lot of residencies.

Which residencies stick out as your favorite overall?

I think the two that I am doing now – the 718 Sessions and the Body and Soul really stick out. Next to that, doing the long residencies at Roxy and Laces for roller-skating were great. A whole different thing.

The 718 Sessions is supposed to be the best party in NYC. Do you agree with that?

If not the, its one of the [best]. It’s a unique party and we put a lot into it. And I can see a big difference between that party and other parties. It’s very special crowd.

Overall, NYC as a city, do you have any particular neighborhoods you frequent? Do you still go back to where you grew up?

Yeah, it’s funny because up until two years ago, I lived in a 10 block area. Now I’m in Williamsburg, so maybe it’s a 30 block area. I’m still in the East and West Village almost several times a week. All the time. I’m still record shopping there and different things. Williamsburg is a great second home. That’s a good music place.

You are here with Red Bull Music Academy. You’ve been involved with them in the past, what do you talk about with your lectures [or Q&As]?

I’ll tell you, Red Bull is very intuitive. They have some very great questions….very down to earth…very musical. They have a really educated audience that’s music lovers, so the questions reflect that. It’s always a pleasure doing those.

Since this is a ‘Korea’ magazine, what is your impression of Korea? What do you like most?

I can’t say I’m familiar enough. I wanna learn more. I’ve only been here twice. A total of less than 48 hours, so I don’t want to say, ‘Oh, it’s this or that.’  I don’t know, but I’d like to.

A lot of DJs don’t get the opportunity to play and then take a little vacation.

Yeah, I haven’t learned much about the culture and things. From what I see I like, but there is hardly anything I can speak of.

After thanking him for his time, Danny was out the door, and on the way to get on a plane a few hours later. We want to say another ‘Thank you!’ to Danny and to the guys at RBMA for giving us the opportunity. Danny mentioned that he will probably be at involved some with RBMA Tokyo event later this fall. For more information on the Red Bull Music Academy, check out their site here.

Also be sure to give Danny Krivit’s page a visit here.