DJ Le Ber – From London to Berlin (Part One)

DJ Le Ber – From London to Berlin (Part One) Mix’s #FreshMixes is back with more music to introduce you to new artists and new genres from around the world. This time we have a mix from DJ Le Ber that is sure to help you start your week off right. All the way from the Netherlands, DJ Le Ber has quite an impressive resume when it comes to DJing in this mix, he takes you on a musical journey through multiple genres. Here’s what he had to say about the mix:

The Dutch DJ Le Ber take you on a short voyage from London to Berlin. His sound always starts easy and groovy (London Deep House) and it will end full of energy (Berlin Techno). Our advice: listen to this with your headphone on. We don’t want you to get in trouble with your neighbors while you pump up the volume every minute you are on this journey.

You can support DJ Le Ber on MixCloud, where he has a ton of other mixes including the second part of From London to Berlin. Stay tuned for more #FreshMixes here on!