Mini Coverage: Festival Morph

Festival Morph: Awesome Beginning…Lasting Impressions!

Festival Morph was a huge success! ElectRow was all over it for two amazing days, and we’ll give you this quick jolt of EDM/IDM energy to get you hungry for the full stories and interviews to come!

The powerhouse indie lineup did not fail – it inspired. We can credit WATMM producers Kim and Shin for their shrewd arrangement of artists, stuffing the mid-section from 10:00 until 2:00 with the main acts of Korean K-pop-cum-Indie star HAIHM, Japanese multi-label mega-star VEGPHER , the avant garde Korean computer wizards TACIT GROUP, and the Japanese pioneer and legend of glitch music AOKI TAKAMASA

Each one of the scheduled acts was in house, on time, and delivered their own unique brand of electronics for all of us to enjoy. Our host artists, DAMIRAT, were exceptional, their craftwork and intensity left the house with their ears wide open, and HAIHM and the others followed with a full onslaught of crowd-fueled eye and ear candy. By the time DJ Emerald finished off the night with a full-on party ‘til the end set, Festival Morph had made history, and will probably go down as one that started a new change, an alteration, a morphing of the Indie scene here in Seoul, and here in Korea.

If we turn the tide to a new appreciation and new awareness by giving you this inside report on the artists, organizers, and amazing supporters of Festival Morph, then SOME of our work will be done. 

Stand by for all the best we could see and hear in our upcoming articles, interviews, rants and rambles for the Festival Morph, 2014. You will not want to miss any of it!