Urban O’Mix -enjoying your own way


People say love is just round the corner, and I found it in Hongdae. A treasure chest full of East Asian secrets. Are you curious what  I am talking about? It is Urban O’Mix, an establishment where you can drink special mixes that you can’t find in any where else.


Mr. Lee, its owner, is a experienced  traveler who has carefully uncovered new drink recipes in his trips. For example, have you ever tried a beer cocktail? I hadn’t, prior to my visit, but it has become one of my  new favorite drinks. Perfect for both beer lovers or haters, its taste is soft and fresh. My personal recommendation is grapefruit beer, but choose  one of the  many styles for yourself.


If coffee or tea is your style maybe you want to try the rock salt cheese mix. This special taste was inspired by exotic drinks from China and East Asia. It can be combined with coffee,tea or cocoa and it will truly surprise you!

I’m sure you already saw it because it is located in the heart of Hongdae between clothes shops and clubs. So, you can enjoy its delicious combinations taking a walk and doing window shopping or keep partying with your friends because Urban O’Mix is open evenings on the weekends.

Go and discover the secrets of these drinks by yourself. Do you dare try something new?

Urban O’Mix: 411-13, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Soul, Korea.

By: Mireya Harillo