Finding My Seoul- Chicken Feet?

Did you say chicken feet?

I was raised with Southern style cooking in the States, by definition food from below the Mason Dixon line. We ate pretty much what we grew, or raised, and I am by no means a hypocrite. So I was pretty much surprised when they ordered up chicken feet with soju in the KDrama’s I was watching.

First let me say, do you not know where those chicken feet have been? Allow me to entertain you, those chicken feet have been scratching around in chicken poop, yes that’s right chicken poop, even if when I close my eyes, I can see those feet scratching poop.

I’ll make you a deal, when I land in South Korea, you guys come take me out, we’ll order chicken feet and soju, let’s make that several bottles of soju before I eat the chicken feet. The way I see it, after several drinks I’ll pretty much eat whatever you put in front of me! I claim ignorant bliss.

Let’s move onto Seaweed soup, in the states it’s hard to find, is this for a better year? How old is the tradition? Do we even have the same seaweed as you? Is it just for birthdays? Drop me a line, I want to hear from you.

Now as we move on to Ramen noodles, thank you from up above, I love Ramen noodles, and then I saw the KDramas with Ramen noodles and Flower boys. What have I been missing? All you writers out there, I could kiss you. I have never smiled so much, fell in love so many times, all through the doors of a Ramen noodle shop. This will be my first stop, I know you’re all smiling, but hey you’re welcome to come along.

I have to address the open markets, the street vendors, I so look forward to this as I walk the streets of the cities in South Korea. The U.S. has made so many regulations with small businesses that the mom and pop places are almost gone. I look forward to eating and drinking and shopping, and talking with you until you run me off ,laughing) that won’t happen.

I have yet to try chopsticks, but I‘m working on that, I don’t want to embarrass myself on our first outing, and dump food all over myself. Although I’d be the first to laugh.

This journey to find my Seoul has truly changed me in ways I would never have imagined. Thank you for embracing my thoughts, my dreams, come along with me and welcome me to South Korea, I look forward to finding my Seoul.

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By Cindy Lewis